Captain Walter Montague Donaldson


A balding white man in his late thirties or possibly early forties, of slightly below average height and somewhat stocky build. He has electrical burn scars around his left eye socket and wears eyeglasses with the left lens replaced with black plastic rather than a patch.


Blue collar auto mechanic, scored amazingly high on aptitude tests when drafted for WWII. Seconded to codebreaking where he got a crash course in advanced math (which he took to like a duck to Esperanto at first) and electrical engineering (which he did much better with). Injured in the line of duty but stayed with the Bletchley program. When the war ended and Korea started to appear on the horizon, stayed in the service instead of being discharged. Eventually worked for NSA codebreaking efforts, with first-hand experience at how badly the American projects were lagging at first. Generally at odds with the Ivy Leaguers in charge of the NSA / OSS / CIA. Gentlemen may not read each others’ mail, but dirty tricks and two-faced bastards win wars.

Captain Walter Montague Donaldson

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