Probationary Special Agent Victor “Vic” Spaulding


Born in Brooklyn in ’23.

Fairly typical urban, depression era upbringing. Father worked as an engineer for Bell Telephone and taught Vic quite a bit about phones and electronics. Vic’s passion, however, was in private eye and detective pulp stories and radio shows.

In ‘39, Vic’s mother got sick, and to help pay the bills, Vic got a job with his father at the phone company. Already knowing a great deal he started moving up in the company. He dropped out of HS in 40 and was working full time, but he never had a passion for the work.

After Pearl, he joined the Army, and predictably he was shuffled into the signal corps.

He was attached to “The Big Red One” and was present in all their major engagements. Vic performed his job well, but never with much passion.

While in Czechoslovakia his company HQ was attacked by…something. During the attack, everything electrical shorted out and Vic was left dumbfounded when his field radio and the phone both stopped working. The attack itself was vicious if short-lived. Vic accounted well for himself, keeping the clerks and other typically non-combatants calm and safe in the HQ building, while organizing an effective defense when the on-duty officer was wounded by a stray bullet. He managed to repel two conventional attacks on the building, but the third attack was like nothing anyone had ever seen. Vic reported in his after action report that it “…was like the Nazis managed to get Bears to attack us… Yea, like you see at the fucking circus. Two heads taller than a man…huge claws and… that fucking growl…that’ll haunt me to the end of my fucking days…”

The attacked succeeded in getting into the HQ this time, with Vic being forced to retreat out the back door and into a neighboring shop with a small handful of GIs. Less than 10 minutes later, the attack was over. All of the units documents were left intact and the only thing out of place was a series of stones pried out of the cellar walls. Well that, and the fact that all the wounded and dead—from both sides—were missing off of the battlefield. After making his report, Vic and the survivors were taken behind the lines and thoroughly de-briefed by what appeared to be American servicemen, but they wore no insignia or dog tags.

After that, Vic was awarded the bronze star, sworn to absolute secrecy and sent back—just in time to be part of the liberation of Falkenau an der Eger. Seeing all of the starving and tortured women would leave a lasting impression on Vic, and awaken a strong paternalist instinct in him in regards to mistreated women.

After he was discharged he managed to get on the NYPD and follow his pre-war dream of becoming a detective. His natural intelligence and passion ensured a quick rise through the ranks to detective and he quite enjoyed his work. That was until he was assigned the case of a suspected serial killer. All throughout 1949, women’s bodies kept turning up all over NYC murdered and mutilated in the same way—all had the same intricate designs cut into them.

Vic finally tracked down the killer, a door-to-door vacuum salesmen named Chip Foster. While confronting Chip, Chip started taunting Vic, bragging about how he killed the women, and their screams were for the glory of his ‘masters’. Unable to suppress his rage, Vic began beating Chip, who laughed maniacally throughout the entire ordeal. Covered in blood, with broken knuckles and a dead suspect on his hands, things didn’t look good for Vic. Then it came out that Chip was a nephew of a rich political donor. Unable (or unwilling) to help Vic, the NYPD let him go.

For a few months, Vic tried his hand at PI work, but his recent shame was still fresh in the newspapers and no one would hire him. At this point, the FBI swooped in and made him an offer: they’d give him a job and he’d be back in law enforcement, but he’d be back to working with phones and radios and that they’d have to ship him to LA, where he’d be more likely to blend in.

Probationary Special Agent Victor “Vic” Spaulding

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