Major Greg Horton, USAFR, Esq.


A tall, thin man, whose prematurely graying hair made him look much older than his 32 years. Encountered at court, he’d wear a conservatively cut suit.

As an attorney, he could switch between the country lawyer mannerism to the highly educated urban lawyer as needed (generally depends on the area and kind of trial). He wasn’t an ace pilot, but was the competent type who got things places. Greg smoked a pipe when at his desk or for social situations.

Horton died when his heart exploded in his chest under mysterious circumstances in New Mexico.


A member of DePauw University’s class of 1941, Greg left his legal studies at the University of Chicago after Pearl Harbor. Assigned to flight training, he ended up in the 320th Troop Carrier Squadron at the end of the war. He returned to the University of Chicago Law School in 1946, and completed his JD in 1948, while staying active in the nascent Air Force Reserve. Shortly after passing the bar, he was contacted by a ‘friend’ who needed a lawyer who could keep his mouth shut about some strange real estate dealings in New Mexico. In doing so, he came to the interest of AEGIS as a proxy, and slowly, it pulled away some illusions.

Greg mostly flew C-47’s and C-54’s during the war, and C-46’s afterwords. He owns a Beechcraft Bonanza as well, as his practice was successful. On the very off chance he’s going into a situation that may be dangerous, he has a S&W Victory revolver.

Major Greg Horton, USAFR, Esq.

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