Senior Special Agent Jack W. O'Brien


Born in ’18, Jack graduated from Boston College with a Chemistry degree. He was enrolled in the graduate program when the war broke out. He enlisted due to his feeling of responsibility, but also in no small part because he assumed everyone else would just do a piss poor job. He was given command of a squad, and fought his way across Europe.

Once the Allies entered Germany, his squad was sent ahead to scout out the land. Upon coming across a terrifying Nazi blood ritual, most of his men were killed. Limping back to the main force with three of his men, he filed a report with his CO. It was immediately buried, and his report deemed “unreliable.” Jack was sent home to watch the rest of the war unfold from Boston.

Completely disillusioned with the government, Jack applied to join the FBI. His reasoning was that the only way to fix anything was to just do it yourself. While having immense hatred for “The Government”, Jack still takes great pride in his job as a government employee. However, his theory that the government is run by a shadowy cabal, has made him quite on edge. He has little patience for explaining his reasoning to others, and prefers to do most things himself, as he can not trust anyone else to do it.

Senior Special Agent Jack W. O'Brien

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