Ezra Pound

Incarcerated poet and former fascist collaborator


Full Name: Pound, Ezra Weston Loomis
Sex: Male
DOB: 10/30/1885 (Age 64)

Ezra Pound was a poet and an influential literary critic before World War II; he was close friends with the American expatriate poet T. S. Eliot, who received the Nobel Prize for literature in 1948. During the war, Pound lived in Italy with his wife and mistress, where he wrote and broadcast anti-Semitic propaganda for Mussolini’s government.

At the end of the war, Pound was captured by American troops; he escaped a treason trial by reason of insanity, and at present remains committed in St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, DC. He corresponds with many literary luminaries, including Earnest Hemingway and T. S. Eliot, as well as Clarence Thoroughgood and John Kasper; the latter runs a small bookstore on his behalf in New York.

Ezra Pound

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