Clarence Thoroughgood

Enigmatic New Mexican spiritual leader


Full Name: Thoroughgood, Clarence Cecil
Sex: Male
DOB: 2/3/1923 (Age 27)

Clarence Thoroughgood purchased a large ski lodge in the Sandia Mountains easy of Albuquerque in 1946 with money he inherited from his late grandfather, the reclusive mining magnate Ephraim C. Thoroughgood (1851-1944). His parents, Thomas and Alice Thoroughgood, were killed in the crash of an Air Union Bleriot 155 in late 1926 while travelling abroad, and he was raised by his grandfather at the family estate in upstate New York.

During the war, Thoroughgood was never selected for the draft. He graduated as one of eight students in the St John’s College, Annapolis, Class of ’45.

Thoroughgood has earned a certain degree of low-key fame as a correspondent of incarcerated poet Ezra Pound and an enthusiast of British Israelism (the belief that the missing ten tribes of Israel migrated into central and western Europe, becoming the Anglo-Saxons), as well as the leader of a classical literature study group at his lodge.

Clarence Thoroughgood

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